90 mm German Trench Mortar
90 mm mortar before 90mm mortar after

The early World War One German Minenwarfer in these photos was offered for sale mistakenly identified as a line-throwing gun. The true providence of this very rare piece of World War One German artillery delighted the present owner. In addition to the complete restoration, a sub-caliber device that allows a signaling device to be fired was manufactured and installed because of the very poor condition of the bore.

front before front after

I would very much like to hear from any one that has information regarding or owns one of these guns. There are some small details that I would like to complete if I can obtain the necessary information.

rear before rear after

The original German mortar, or Minenwarfer, was a simple but effective device. It was a steel tube of 90mm caliber, approximately two feet long, slung into a light steel frame. The weapon was a breechloader, though the breech mechanism was of extreme simplicity. The bomb was fitted with an 'all-ways' fuse, so that no matter which way it fell, it would go off on impact.

original photo 90mm mortar after
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